Terms of sale

Access to and use of the site is subject www.lacasadellabrasivo.com accession of the customer to the terms and conditions set out below. By accessing the website or using it, the customer agrees to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.


SUPPLIER: LA CASA DELL’ABRASIVO SRL,Based in Enzo Ferrarri, 11 25080 Muscoline (BS) - VAT and Tax Code: 00717470983-03004030171


CUSTOMER: omers are intended legal persons having VAT or private bodies to which the Tax Code will be released compulsorily invoice of the transaction.



Subject of the contract online and its definition

To purchase agreement "on line" means the distance contract and that the legal transaction concerning goods and / or services concluded between a supplier, the home of the abrasive Ltd., with headquarters in Via Enzo Ferrarri, 11 25080 Muscoline (BS) and a client within a system of organized distance sales from the supplier for this contract, only use the technology of distance communication called "Internet". All contracts, therefore, be concluded through direct access by the client to the corresponding website at www.lacasadellabrasivo.com, where, following the procedures indicated, will conclude the contract for the purchase of the property.

The house of the abrasive Ltd. may request a discretionary customer order confirmation.



Subject of the terms

These Terms are for the purchase of products made remotely via computer network at http: // www.lacasadellabrasivo.com, by legal persons VAT. The commercial relationship between the house and the abrasive Ltd. customers are regulated by the following terms and conditions of sale, excluding any other agreement, unless agreed in writing.



 Acceptance of Terms

The customer, by sending electronic confirmation of your purchase order, unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply in its dealings with the house of the abrasive Ltd., the general conditions and payment described below. He declares to have read and to have accepted all the information provided to him under the rules described. These General Conditions of Sale must be examined OnLine Customers who visit the site http: // www. lacasadellabrasivo.com before confirmation of their purchases



 Changes in the terms

This Agreement may be amended at any time. All changes will be effective immediately upon posting of the modified agreement. By accessing the website www.lacasadellabrasivo.com and its use, the customer agrees to periodically check this Agreement and to abide by its subsequent amendments. The submission of the confirmation order implies their knowledge and their full acceptance. .



Nature of the goods and availability

Services for sale are those described in the pages of www.lacasadellabrasivo.com where the name of the product and any description containing the essential characteristics of the goods.

All goods are available for sale. In the event that the well is not available, and are not immediately available, the customer will be promptly notified by e-mail or telephone communication.




The House of the abrasive is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and / or indirect, arising from sale of goods and services offered in the catalog published on the site http: // www.lacasadellabrasivo.com, including delayed and / or non-delivery of the product or for any other event not directly attributable to the home of the abrasive srl.


The prices are in EURO and do not include VAT. The time of purchase will be considered valid the price indicated in the price list.



How to purchase

The purchase of products, available at http: // www.lacasadellabrasivo.com, is made by the Customer at the price specified therein. At that price should be added: VAT and transport costs (calculated in real time). Before confirming the purchase, the customer will be summarized the unit cost, VAT, transport costs and the total amount payable. To confirm the purchase the customer must enter the information required for order fulfillment, completion of the transaction, will be sent an e-mail message containing the date, the total amount of all costs and the identification number of ' order.



 Cancelling orders

The consumer agrees and undertakes, once the purchase procedure "on line", to handle the press and keep the present general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted as a compulsory step, as well as the specifications of the product purchased, in order to fully satisfy the conditions laid down in Art. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999.

Obligations of the buyer

The consumer agrees and undertakes, once the purchase procedure "on line", to handle the press and keep the present general conditions, which, however, has already seen and accepted as a compulsory step, as well as the specifications of the product purchased, in order to fully satisfy the conditions laid down in Art. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree no. 185/1999.




The goods supplied by us must be paid in the following ways:

  • • BANK TRANSFER - Accreditation occurs normally in 1/2 working days, depends on your banca.Il payment is confirmed as soon as your bank will be credited to our bank statement. The transmission of the CRO and / or copy of the bank are not sufficient to send the goods.
    IBAN: IT 24M0350054820000000022697
    NUMERO C/C: 22697
    ABI: 03500
  • PAY PAL - Method of payment as fast, safe, simple and risk free! The registration fee is carried out only on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and during office hours (9:00 to 1 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.). PayPal fees = NO.

The invoice will be sent via email and will be valid for tax purposes.




Products purchased will be delivered by LA CASA DELL’ABRASIVO SRL address specified by the customer. Delivery will be via courier in Italy and in EU countries. The shipping costs are in any case due and payable by the customer, even in the case where the same waste and returns to the sender, for any reason, the regularly ordered goods (for example, for communication of a wrong address). The delivery time, indicative, may change for reasons of force majeure or because of traffic conditions and traffic in general or by act of the Authority. The shipment costs depend on the number of units of the product purchased. And 'mandatory to indicate the phone number of the recipient to allow the courier to contact the recipient in case of problems on delivery (recipient absent, errors in the address, etc.). The courier will attempt delivery by releasing a notice, after which the courier will contact the recipient to determine a delivery date.




For shipment have used cardboard boxes sealed and / or pallets. When delivered, the customer must verify the integrity of the package, which is not damaged, wet or not sealed. In case of discrepancy, the customer must report it on the transport document (DDT or INVOICE) and confirm, within three days via email: info@lacasadellabrasivo.com and by fax at 030/6896848 the Customer Service at The House of the abrasive srl. Each alert over these terms will not be considered. For each statement, the customer assumes responsibility for the statements. In case of mismatch between what was ordered and what was delivered, according to the characteristics described above, the customer must immediately notify by contacting Customer Service.



 Privacy Information

For those interested in purchasing the products from the house of the abrasive Ltd. (art. 13 of Law no. 196/2003) the processing of personal data takes place in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree. N. 196/2003. The personal data supplied shall be used exclusively to meet its obligations under the contract of sale. The treatment will take place for a period of time not exceeding that strictly necessary to the fulfillment of the above purpose. The personal data will not be disclosed to third parties. The data will be using instruments that guarantee security and confidentiality and can be performed using automated tools to store, manage and transmit the data. The provision of personal data is optional; However, in the absence of the same, or if it is refused consent to treatment in the manner specified, this will make it impossible to maintain any contractual relationship with the person concerned. The data controller, ie the person who is responsible for decisions regarding the purposes and methods of processing of personal data, is The House of the abrasive Ltd., with headquarters in Via Enzo Ferrari 11, 25080 Muscoline (BS). The customer can exercise your rights under Article 7 of the law 196/2003 (access, correction, deletion, opposition to treatment, etc.), Turning to the house of the abrasive Ltd., with headquarters in Via Enzo Ferrari 11, 25080 Muscoline (BS).  



Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction

This agreement shall be governed by Italian law. Any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of this contract the local jurisdiction is the Court of Brescia.



 Cancellation of orders by LA CASA DELL’ABRASIVO SRL

The House of the abrasive Inc. reserves the right to cancel an order or an order item in the case of:

items that can not be delivered by suppliers;

  • bank fraud;
  • Fraud against the house of the abrasive srl;
  • situations that the house of the abrasive Ltd. believes it is particularly harmful.

In this case the customer shall only be entitled to a refund of the amount already paid